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Gas stations and video monitoring go shoulder to shoulder. Like convenience stores, filling stations frequently fall prey to crimes and theft. Having a strategic video surveillance system beefs up the protection of your gas station against robberies, vandalism, and other possible damages. 

Orlando Camera Installation takes all security prospects into account for the monitoring structure setup. With the rise in gas robbery and armed robbery, gas station surveillance presents piles of dynamic challenges. It requires imaginative video monitoring solutions with both indoor and outdoor cameras at work.

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Key features of our security cameras at petrol stations

Increased gas prices occasionally bring in intense security challenges for gas pumps. Orlando Camera Installation introduces industry-leading experts. We offer highly customized CCTV systems for service stations. Let’s sneak into our prominent aspects:

The security goal involves keeping a tab on the workforce, merchandise protection, and burglar deterrent. So, multipronged approaches bear superior outcomes. Our specialists deliver the best blueprint for security cameras in petrol pumps.

Easy installation defines our security camera services in Orlando. Our veteran professionals tap into the best surveillance gears for rapid CCTV setup. HD surveillance systems and IP cameras turn the installation process a breeze. Unlike analog CCTV systems, these newer technologies present crisp HD videos. 

Theft prevention is one of our top priorities. Prominent security cameras hanging by the cash registers in a gas station curb theft. A bunch of state-of-the-art machinery identifies vehicle license plates and car types. In wake of stealing gas or use of a vehicle in a robbery, instantaneously flash the identity of the perpetrator. 

Remote monitoring eases down your business pressures. You can check on your staff and the overall environment from all over the place. DVRs and NVRs allow you to stream your video camera footage to your PC, Mac, and smartphone. With remote access to the video data, you get to simultaneously monitor several cameras feeds on the same screen. 

Transparent image hands you the faces and other phenotypes for personal identification of the felon. Neat details speak to all your video surveillance requirements. A host of sophisticated security cameras brings in high-resolution videos. 

They send a positive signal regarding the safety of your gas station to the customers. The sense of safety lulls customers to frequent your store. This way, they continue shopping increasing your revenue.

Strategic advice for petrol pump surveillance

Gas stations have always been vulnerable to crimes. Particularly, late-night hours have scores of troubles in store. Pump managers in Orlando implement security cameras on the property perimeter. They avert petty theft and property misuse.

Camera positioning is the top consideration. They must effortlessly capture license plates of all incoming and outgoing cars. We suggest using dome cameras. Most dome security cameras have a vandal-proof dome encasing, IR for night vision, and a sturdy metal base. The robust camera body prevents vandalism or tampering. 

Therefore, dome cameras are the ideal choice for gas stations. You may have noticed them in many ATM booths. They offer an immaculate monitoring solution in rugged conditions. Your fuel pump obtains a comprehensive view of the surroundings. Thus you can protect employees and company assets.

Our battle-hardened surveillance architects cover all points. A pumping station involves a mini shop as well. So, a comprehensive monitoring plan includes the shop too. Thus, we miss no vital point that might compromise your property perimeter. Otherwise, a crime could go unpunished.

If your gas station is looking to upgrade its old coaxial cable-based cameras to newer IP cameras, call us right now. If your truck stop has never had a security camera system, it is time you enhanced your facility’s security with a gas station security camera system from Orlando Camera Installation.

What are the video surveillance issues at gas stations?

Staff privacy protection is vital. You want to keep a tab on them. So, install surveillance cameras in public areas such as gas pumps, sales floors, and cash registers. This move eases down the tension between you and them. Therefore, the employees feel more comfortable. Employee break rooms and restrooms are entirely no-go zones. 

Speeding and driving under influence lead to car accidents. Damaged or vandalized CCTV cams are not a remote scenario. Your petrol pump could experience one of these collisions. Better consider it and take preemptive installation measures therein.

Cameras could be stolen once in a while. Criminals often target surveillance cams to steer clear of appearing in the security footage. So, critically located hidden cams keep you safe from equipment loss. Near gas pumps and in parking lots there is absolute value in installing HD security cameras.

We form these tactical decisions and take your opinion in accordance. Cunning camera placement and gear choice keep you safe from violation as well as property theft. Robbing might lead to monetary loss. But the culprits are not going far away.

Vast monitoring camera installation experience

Old generation security cameras inevitably come with baggage. They run out of service when they are needed the most. Fortunately, a security camera revolution is taking a shape. With our in-depth skills and befitting camera outfit, you are betting on a top-notch surveillance framework.

We exactly understand the extensive requirements. Hence, our vigilance specialists present innovative security cameras for gas stations in Orlando. With elaborate experience in the industry, our seasoned CCTV architects introduce top-notch equipment while slashing down the budget. 

We have worked for clubs, commercial spaces, residences, retail shops, grocery shops, posh brands, and individuals to prop up their protective measures. So, the concerned people in Orlando call us for an immaculate surveillance camera setup.

Remote viewing & fortified protection features

Gas station owners need not be on-site to monitor the video feeds. Cutting-edge IP security cameras deliver footage via the internet. These CCTVs rely on high-speed bandwidths. So, pump station owners can remotely monitor everything. They get access to the video feeds of their security cameras from any internet-connected device.

The latest security cameras with digital video recorders maintain employee safety. Also, gas pump owners get clear video footage of customers and employees inside the gas station. The mere presence of video monitoring systems deters criminals from targeting a petrol station. They consistently target the most vulnerable locations to commit theft.


A reliable surveillance installation shields your gas station from theft, vandalism, and other damages. Typically, gas stations owners prefer an 8 or 16 camera setup. They wholeheartedly help you tackle merchandise shrinkage from both staff and customers. Breathtaking camera outfits step up your effort in the prevention and prosecution of drive-offs.

Forget robbery and crimes for a moment. Our groundbreaking video monitoring infrastructure renders precise management information. It directly connects the store owners to the on-ground situation. Previously recorded incidents pace up your decision-making capacity. All paths to the gas station surveillance solution end at Orlando Camera Installation.

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