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Hotel security is a hot button, requiring delicate moves. ‘Going all strategic’ is the right approach. Everything hangs in a balance. The objective ultimately lies in guest security and peace of mind for the management. Here, strangers come close to each other. So, the trust runs thin in their veins. 

The last thing the vacation or a romantic evening needs is a stranger interruption. Why take the chance! Get onboard with Orlando Camera Installation. We plan and set up the best security cameras for hotels in Orlando.

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Security Cameras for Hotels, Motels, and Inns

The last few decades have brought about a paradigm shift in the hotel experience. People are cruising around the world in ever more numbers. Meanwhile, the worldwide security situation is deteriorating by the day. The combo inevitably heads to beefed-up security everywhere. 

Hotels and motels are sizing up their security not because they are all jumpy. The drive absolutely comes from caution. Team Orlando understands your pain. As a hotel owner, you want an impenetrable security camera framework. Well, we are your best shot at getting a cutting-edge video monitoring system on an uptight budget.

How do the hotels, motels, & inns use surveillance cameras?

The CCTV security network should snake around the hotel. It protects the hotel from the neighborhood and unauthorized access, by relenting evil designs. 

Decades of security experience have taught the Orlando Camera Installation team the value of nuanced motel protection layouts. Let’s sneak into the vital segments of our surveillance outfit up close. We literally reinvent your place with impregnable fortification.

First, the guests and rabble-rousers should locate the physical structure of your strategic video monitoring setup. It waters down their ill intents even before they scheme out the mischiefs. Thus your hotel protects its trouble-free reputation.

Besides, the common areas become trickier with a massive guest influx. So, the lobbies, pools, and hallways need robust camera coverage. Who is going in and getting out? Our tactical camera crew unleashes the best hotel monitoring configuration.

Moreover, the front desk is where you capture the imagination of the incoming guests. It presents you unique chance to showcase your posh motel facilities. With us, lull them in with a superior sense of security. Right behind the front desk, it is a wise decision to brandish a sophisticated video camera. It also helps you explore the staff’s attitude to the guests.

Swimming pools are touchy zones. No guest wants a clip of himself swimming down there. It is a direct violation of privacy. You might wrongly consider it to be a lifesaver with lifeguards behind the camera. But those surveillance equipment creates unnecessary controversy instead of serving the customer’s interests. So, the objective is to check out the incoming and outgoing flow of people while making sure none of the cameras are bluntly pointed to the pool.

Long hallways require crisp shots from either side. With ample lights and a distant camera, you can adequately solve the issue. So, the hotel management can put an end to a dispute in case it arises.

We frame up cutting-edge license plate cameras for parking lot safety. They snap license plate images and convert them into machine-readable data. By comparing them in the database, you can easily identify an old guest from afar. Also, filing a vehicle theft report turns out to be a breeze.

Install cameras in all accessible open areas of the hotel including elevator & stairwell, park, lobby, service corridor & exit, and loading dock. Unattended stairs and service exits could breed system failure with a security breach. In most cases, suspicious activities start out here. 

Furthermore, do not overlook the store, safe deposit boxes, money, and sensitive information. Hidden CCTV cameras perform the best in these vulnerable spots. Also, install cameras at the entrance and exit for a transparent view of the guest stream. 

What can hidden cams do for motels, inns, & hotels?

Hidden cams lie below eye level. Positioning is crucial to keep them a secret. Those spy cams could sit on top of the flower vase or simply hang down the clothing hooks, a pillar, a desk, electric appliances, etc. We put the candid cams well below normal human heights. 

Invisible cameras are suitable for all hotel locations except for the guest rooms, bathrooms, poker tables, and swimming pools. Rather, put them in the hotel hallways so that clients remain in darkness while you have the footage of any incident.

If you are hosting an Airbnb, you better consult the guest about it. Airbnb follows strict regulations against hosts installing hidden cameras while the guests are totally unaware. Such an uncivil action prompts the host to be banned.

Remember that sensitive hidden cameras could lead to litigations. Moreover, relevant authorities investigate them to ensure future guest safety. Therefore, they need a careful assessment before just installing wherever you deem fit.

How to store the video monitoring footage?

Secure deposition of recorded footage hits high on our agenda. Video storage is critical for future access. So, it is an inseparable segment of all surveillance camera systems. Orlando camera masters are proficient in all security data retention methods.

Old, faltering, and analog VHS days are long gone with groundbreaking modern video storage approaches. Local physical storage and remote cloud storage are the ways to go. Sometimes, prudent hotel management opts for a hybrid footage deposition setup. Whatever method you prefer, impenetrable security and maximum accessibility are the goals.

Local storage houses recorded videos on-site. The latest IP cameras come with in-built local storage. So, you need not send them over a vast unsafe network. The minimum logistical concern is another boon. 

But it takes a massive storage capacity for ceaseless operation across weeks. If the hard drive drops, it could entail a loss of data. Anyway, IP cameras have mostly dethroned the local storage system from popularity.

Meanwhile, IP cameras with cloud storage are the real game-changer. In ultra-high connectivity zones, local data storage has almost gone extinct because of cloud privileges with incredible affordability, security, 24/7 accessibility, scalability, and disaster recovery. 

Cloud is the go-to retention method right now. Unfortunately, limited bandwidth and recurring network downtime could quickly knock off your cloud storage dreams. So, the smart ones tap into a hybrid data retention system that remains accessible via both online and offline ways.

What are the perks of CCTV cameras in hotels?

A video surveillance system amplifies your hotel business security manifold. Let’s check out what Orlando Camera Installation offers for you:

  • Cameras curb unwanted access of intruders and unrecognized customers to hotel facilities like the spa, pool, gym, etc.
  • Workforce tracking becomes butter smooth with electronic eyes on the corridors and storage areas. Besides, you can prevent guests from indulging in unauthorized activities. They act in a civilized manner in front of the camera.
  • The sense of security proves to be a major selling feature for the motel or inn. Lately, people prioritize powerful security.
  • Fraud lawsuits can no more spoil the image of your motel. You can produce real evidence for investigations.
  • Hotels can accurately claim damage charges using recorded footage.

What should the hotel security cameras not do?

There are areas of concern as stated below:

  • Room surveillance runs contrary to the law. Also, stay away from bathrooms, washrooms, massage parlors, and spas.
  • Use the latest tech and tools all the way. Obsolete monitoring gears malfunction pretty fast. They fail to secure your interests in emergencies.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom cameras have specific use. If you install them everywhere without considering strategic camera policies, you get inefficient video data. They serve no purpose other than saving a tiny amount of budget.


Orlando Camera installation designs and installs peerless CCTV camera systems. We hit a sweet spot in terms of budget and surveillance efficiency. Our security experts make strategic use of hidden cams, artificial cameras, and innovative camera equipment to ensure utmost guest and staff security. This approach brings down the costs as well.

Optimum security earns your hotel a strong reputation and proves the most effective in resolving disputes. Also, we consider the interiors of your place. So, our seasoned professional camera architects add value to the hotel, by forging a useful yet beautiful security camera framework.

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