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Surveillance on new construction

—“Industry experts estimate annual losses to theft at construction sites in the US at roughly $400 million.”

Orlando Camera Installation is a commercial security specialist, supporting local communities with outstanding customer care. Property managers, building owners, industry executives, facility managers, warehouse admins, and depot overseers approach us.

We provide security cameras for new construction in Orlando. We parade a full range of video surveillance products and integrated solutions. Our veteran experts bridge the gap between overall safety instruments and a 24/7 facility monitoring system.

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Affordable construction site surveillance

Our mobile surveillance units are portable, compact security stations. You can position them just anywhere. Rapid deployment and redeployment perks really expedite your project goals. Our construction security experts design site monitoring outlines with or without reliable or regular electricity service.

A power outage could be a common scene on a site. It should not momentarily stop your oversight. Therefore, Orlando Camera Installation eliminates the need for hardwired power.A sophisticated monitoring plan stands out in a hostile environment. It delivers a live video feed, creates time-lapse videos of site progress, and provides security lighting in time.

Security cameras benefit construction sites in multiple ways, from monitoring activities on-site to preventing unwanted visitors. With us, advanced technology comes at reduced prices with increased capabilities. These cameras allow remote monitoring for quick addressing of the issue at hand.

  • Rapid installation with plug and play cameras
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote view and access via web or mobile devices

Working on Tough weather

Our rugged monitoring outfits match any harsh environments and extreme temperatures. A turnkey design exploits mounting brackets, pre-wired lockable enclosure, charge controller, lightning protection, and circuit breakers for the solar, battery, and load banks. Includes power injectors and cabling to connect to cameras and other devices as required.


Electronic monitoring

To resolve your concerns, we introduce a self-contained electronic detection system, HD cameras with IP connectivity, motion sensors, alarms, night vision, vibration detectors, and time-lapse photography. Our command center props up your construction site monitoring around the clock for rapid intrusion detection and response.


security systems

Are you moving over to a brand new home or new construction in Orlando? If yes, you need to take a look at the best security setups for new construction or newly constructed homes. A bunch of industry-leading surveillance specialists plan and design unerring security blueprints. We do not center our monitoring framework on only ground-based ideas.

Let’s make the best use of sophisticated drones in case you are erecting a large industrial manufacturing facility. Fly them for a sky-view of the mega construction work.


Security expectations

Thus you can relocate assets for better safety, identify the risky zones, and take initiatives to phase out those issues. The bird’s eye view exposes innumerable planning errors, undetected from the ground. When fabricating a state-of-the-art monitoring structure, we consider everything including the drone factor.


state-of-the-art monitoring structure

You could use a virtual guard as well to roam through the digital screens for the site intruders. It notifies the police. Besides, the smart construction site managers put their valuables inside a container. It impressively shuts out many troubles. But our security cameras produce the utmost output with instant recognition and an alert system in place.

What are the security threats to a construction site in Orlando?

—“Keep your entry points at the minimum.”

Then strategically locate a few cameras with night vision, wide-angle view, thermal imaging sensors, and face-recognition software. Smart AI at work!

Construction projects inevitably invite some of the most pressing security concerns. Due to porous protection systems, things aggravate pretty fast. If the local pilferers take you for a ride, you will have a hard time ensuring the project delivery.

Some of the prominent hurdles include poor weather, material interruptions, criminal trespassing, theft of equipment, vandalism, arson, and violence. Luckily, you can override these issues with the top security cameras. Most would-be criminals fear their faces on the video footage. So, a bulging camera head effectively waters down their ill desires.

Orlando Camera Installation drums up your construction site protection with cutting-edge cameras and alarm systems. All equipment is tailored to your specific project requirements. Check them out:

Battery-powered & wireless solutions

Time-lapse, high definition camera systems

Self-correcting video analytics, license plate capture, & facial recognition

Video-centric alarm systems

Real-time HD image quality

Thermal imaging to detect hazardous stuff for large, mission-critical projects, and fence lines

Why choose Orlando Camera Installation?

Our battle-hardened security specialists tap into their decades of experience in putting together a solid surveillance outfit. The intuitive security system delivers beyond your expectations. It prevents crime with a 24/7 video verified alarm system. In fact, the presence of a monitoring camera automatically scales back their ill motives right at the outset.

A verified video alarm alerts you. Then it gets a priority response from the police. Why should your site not make use of this technology? Our surveillance engineers craft a no false alarm solution. So, it buzzes for a reason that needs your immediate attention. If you want an unmonitored security system, we can give you that.

A completely wireless and battery-powered system runs without the slightest hassle. It is all set for easy DIY installation. Construction managers love it. Moving the setup from one place to another is a breeze, thanks to the no-wiring installation. Distant project locations never bother you anymore. Again, minimum maintenance sustains the system for years.

Top professionals

The Orlando team unleashes smart cameras. They ceaselessly track the happenings in the site’s surroundings. These futuristic surveillance tools find a Wi-Fi network to relay the video to your smartphone.

Warehouse CCTV Installation Professionals

Innovative security solutions

Superior technical support and remote access make our solution stand out. An uncomplicated security setup still guarantees high quality. A host of innovative surveillance cameras and software step up your other security measures in the project area. Install powerful lights as they deter marauders. Cameras do great in tandem with tactically placed alarms.

Technology we prefer:

Also, the videos get deposited on the cloud storage for archiving and future access. You connect it to a free app that you download on your mobile. This is where you can review the footage as well as change the settings. So, you never lose a moment of action. In case you fail to catch up with the real-time events, get a fast-forwarded overview at a suitable time later.

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Security Cameras for a Small Business

Small businesses badly need a cost-effective security system. It must be easy to install and fit for their particular business needs. With Orlando Camera Installation, you can install a spotless security perimeter. They are hand-picked for sole traders and pop-up stores with tight budgets.

Our seasoned experts have in-depth ideas on the cheapest camera equipment. Moreover, we develop a small business security solution that adapts to your business growth. You can’t be everywhere at once, but your digital cameras can.

Keep tracking the unprotected areas including the entrance, cash registers, safes boxes, and low-visibility storage.

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