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More than 5000 people have put their faith in our service, so should you

Orlando Security Camera Installation Services is one of the most trusted for your business security and safety. We are really happy and proud to provide security camera installation services in Orlando, covering the entire Central Florida area. We are renowned for providing quality services locally for over a decade. Which is how we have protected more than 8000 residential and commercial areas all over Orlando.

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Mission | Vision | Goals

Making places safe with our utmost security is our mission. That’s why we always remain focused on our service. We also strive to evolve, working with cutting-edge equipment when it comes to offering the top quality service. So, we never stop investing in research and development to maintain our professionalism and brand value. Our goal is to be the top security service provider in Orlando.
To ensure absolute security for your palace is our mission. To make the work perfect, we emphasize analyzing our client’s requirements. Our team members have the mindset to keep your place safe by placing security devices in the right spots protecting from crime and violence providing warning at any sign of intruders. Continuous monitoring of your workplace will reduce your business liabilities. And we are realizing this mission will soon turn out to be a vision for us.
We don’t consider our work as a corporate job. We are passionate about it and all the team members like to spend time making your place more secure. Unlike typical security providers, we don’t install CCTV cameras, smart alarms, cloud access control, structured cabling for money. We put our heart and soul into it so that our clients feel safe no matter where they are. Our vision is to always maintain a “white glove” customer experience and to initiate new security measurements.
Our goal is to put a smile of satisfaction on the faces of our customers in Orlando. Although we may provide security services for local customers, we try to maintain an international standard. Whether our clients are looking for cost-effective solutions or want to invest in the best security service out there, we treat all types of customers fairly and squarely. Trust Orlando Security Camera Installation Services for installing security camera installation, access control, or structured cabling. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Happy Clients!

They had installed 7 CCTV cameras inside my housing scheme, East Orlando. The team was not only polite but also professional. They even came by to check if everything is working properly when I never asked them. I really appreciated it.
Richard Morris
They didn’t waste any time once they got my call. They were very punctual during the entire installation process. And we were satisfied with how they set up the whole surveillance system for my restaurant.
Barbara Smith
Thanks to Orlando Security Camera Installation Services for the emergency CCTV camera installation for one of our warehouses. Will definitely contact them again for any security issue.
Mark Sommers


Although we can start working as soon as we get the contact, you can allow us to start working at your choice and convenient time if you want. You can also give us a particular time to finish the entire work.
Yes we offer extensive solutions for improving your current security cameras. Our team will integrate the existing security cameras, check their vulnerabilities, check whether the components have become backdated, and etc. After analyzing everything, we will implement a cost-effective solution to improve your existing security. That means we will only get rid of the components that are backdated and aren’t functioning, instead of changing the whole setup.
Yes, we can. In order to do that, the Orlando Security Camera Installation Service team will review the entire floor for security planning. Then, we will identify the security holes. We will build a solution that will resolve all these security holes. Our experts will install cameras in the right positions, set the exact focus for increased visibility, and configure them appropriately to ensure optimal protection for your organization. We plan on establishing a security system that will be effective in the long run.

Orlando Security Camera Installation Services also specializes in fixing and repairing your existing security cameras. We offer security camera fixing services for 24 hours. Unlike local technicians, we don’t waste any time fixing broken or problematic security cameras. We care to minimize downtime for your organization.

Aside from repairing existing cameras, you will be glad to know our technicians can install completely new IP camera systems to avoid interruptions.

To ensure our security system meets the regulatory compliance, we regularly train our staff about the new and ever-changing rules declared by the state or federation. On top of that, we make sure all the security cameras along with surveillance equipment are licensed properly. Although local or federal regulations may differ depending on your business, we don’t want to take any risk. We guarantee you won’t get into trouble with regulatory compliance for getting our services.
As we have already mentioned we install and customize access controls, pairing cameras with an entry system is a piece of cake for us. Access control systems just don’t lock and unlock doors anymore. Once they get the fingertips of a person, they input real-time data and actionable intelligence. This means the integrated security system will send alarms for unauthorized access when CCTV cameras are being paired with the entry system of a building.
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