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Security Solutions for Transportation Providers in Orlando

Safety is paramount for transportation companies in Orlando, as it directly impacts passenger well-being and operational success. To address the evolving security threats faced by transit providers, Wetter Solutions offers customized security solutions designed specifically for the transportation industry. Our comprehensive approach combines high-resolution video surveillance, advanced video analytics, and user-friendly central management software.

Tailored Video Security Systems for Orlando’s Transportation

A well-designed video security system plays a crucial role in reducing security risks and providing valuable evidence in the event of incidents within transit systems. Regardless of the size of your operation, Wetter Solutions can create a customized security solution that meets the unique needs of your transportation service. We cater to various transportation businesses in the Orlando region, including:

  • Bus Lines
  • Airports
  • Air and Sea Cargo Operations
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Freight Carriers
  • Mass Transit
  • Ports and Marinas
  • Rail and Subway Systems
  • Shipyards, Depots, and Transportation Storage Facilities
  • Taxi and Limousine Services

With our expertise and experience, we can develop and implement a tailored video security system to safeguard your transportation operations, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff. By implementing our customized video security systems, Orlando’s transportation providers can enhance passenger safety, mitigate security risks, and ensure the smooth operation of their services. Contact us today to discuss your specific transit security needs and let us create a comprehensive solution for your organization.

The Significance of Video Surveillance for Transportation Safety

Transportation security is a critical concern for transportation services in Orlando, as they face various threats ranging from terrorism to assaults on passengers and property crimes. Wetter Solutions specializes in professionally installing video surveillance systems that actively monitor all areas of transportation operations to detect potential threats such as suspicious activity, escalating tensions, or abandoned objects.

Comprehensive Video Security Coverage — Wetter Solutions offers flexible video security system installations throughout the entire transportation infrastructure, including:

  • Ensuring Passenger and Operator Safety
  • Entrances and Perimeters
  • In Vehicles for Driver, Passenger, and Cargo Monitoring
  • Administrative Offices
  • Payment and Ticketing Stations
  • Parking Lots
  • Stations, Platforms, and Terminals
  • Loading Docks
  • Cargo Staging and Storage Areas
  • Garages, Depots, and Yards

A secure transit environment prioritizes the safety of passengers and vehicle operators. Video surveillance systems act as effective deterrents to criminal behavior while enabling security teams to identify and address emerging threats before they escalate. By maintaining a constant visual presence, these systems contribute to safer transportation operations in Orlando.

Protecting Valuable Property — Loss of assets and cargo due to theft and internal shrinkage poses a significant challenge in the transportation industry. Wetter Solutions’ video surveillance cameras act as deterrents against such incidents by enhancing security measures. By implementing these cameras, transportation providers can mitigate the risk of robbery and theft, safeguarding vehicles, passenger sites, and storage facilities.

Real-Time Incident Response — Wetter Solutions equips transportation security teams with surveillance systems that enable real-time incident response. Through 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, security officials can quickly identify risks and promptly address situations as they arise, ensuring swift action and effective crisis management.

Preventing Vandalism — Vandalism disrupts daily operations, negatively impacting ridership and incurring remediation costs. Wetter Solutions’ video surveillance systems provide a visible presence that discourages vandals, reducing incidents of trespassing and loitering. In the unfortunate event of vandalism, our high-resolution security cameras capture detailed evidence, facilitating identification and offering court-admissible footage. We offer vandalproof dome cameras and impact-resistant enclosures to withstand attempts to disable them.

Ensuring Operational Consistency — Consistency in business processes is crucial for maintaining on-time service, ridership levels, and regulatory compliance in Orlando’s transportation industry. A professionally designed and installed security camera system allows for 24/7 monitoring of transit vehicles and public areas, enabling the identification of potential issues and informed decision-making to optimize processes and maintain consistency.

Capturing Essential Evidence — Accessing crucial evidence for law enforcement authorities or legal purposes becomes effortless with our video security systems. Wetter Solutions’ central management software includes smart search functionalities, customizable screen views, date and time calendar search, video tagging, instant replay, and more. These features enable quick retrieval of specific footage, providing the necessary evidence in a timely manner.

Monitoring Employee Performance — Professional video security systems also facilitate the evaluation of employee performance. By tracking movements, activities, productivity, and customer service-related performance, transportation providers can gather valuable insights. This information aids management in making informed decisions regarding staffing levels, workflows, and performance evaluations.

Securing Data Storage — Wetter Solutions’ video security systems feature purpose-built security recorders with advanced surveillance-class hard drives. The internal storage capacity of up to 192 TB ensures the protection and preservation of months’ worth of video security data, providing peace of mind for transportation providers in Orlando.

Reducing Liability — In the event of passenger or operator injuries, multi-megapixel video surveillance footage serves as crucial evidence for determining the circumstances. This evidence can help defend against unfounded lawsuits and false claims, such as slip and fall cases. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums to transit organizations equipped with video surveillance technology, as it reduces liability and enhances safety measures.


Integration of Advanced Video Analytics

Our solutions go beyond basic surveillance by incorporating powerful video analytics. These advanced features enhance situational awareness and enable proactive threat detection. Video analytics can detect suspicious behaviors, unauthorized access, loitering, and other security concerns, allowing for swift intervention and prevention of potential threats.


User-Friendly Central Management Software

To streamline security management, our transportation security solutions are equipped with user-friendly central management software. This software provides a centralized platform to monitor live and recorded video feeds, manage access control, and analyze security data. It empowers transportation operators in Orlando to efficiently oversee multiple locations, enhance response times, and maintain a comprehensive security posture.

Innovative Video Security Technology for Orlando Transport Systems

Wetter Solutions offers state-of-the-art video security systems equipped with cutting-edge processors, image chipsets, and infrared technology. Our goal is to provide exceptional performance and an unparalleled customer experience to transit clients in Orlando.


Some of our advanced video surveillance technologies include:


  • Starlight Technology enabling color images in low-light conditions
  • Advanced Infrared Technology for enhanced night vision
  • Full Frame Illumination for optimal image quality
  • Artificial Intelligence equipped systems
  • High-definition HD-TVI and Network IP Cameras with Multi-megapixel capabilities
  • Security Recorders utilizing H.265+ Video Compression for efficient storage
  • Central Management Software for seamless system control
  • User-friendly Mobile App for convenient remote access
  • Video Analytics for intelligent video processing
  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration for comprehensive monitoring
  • Surveillance Grade Micro SD Cards for reliable data storage
  • Local Customer Support from experienced professionals


At Wetter Solutions, we understand that there are numerous video security providers to choose from around Orlando. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we are committed to delivering the highest quality service and expertise. Our highly trained video security technicians go above and beyond to ensure that our clients’ systems provide reliable 24/7 protection. Furthermore, our dedicated support team is always available to address any inquiries, provide maintenance services, or assist with system upgrades.

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