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Invest in the Best Professional Security Systems for Construction Sites in Orlando

If you’re a construction company’s owner or manager, you need reliable construction site cameras to safeguard your equipment and materials. Theft of construction materials and machinery can result in millions of dollars in losses annually. This is preventable by investing in professional security systems for your construction sites.

At Wetter Solutions, we understand the specific needs of Orlando’s construction industry and provide comprehensive surveillance systems to meet those requirements. We have over two decades of experience installing top-notch security systems in Orlando. Our services cover everything from designing surveillance systems to assessing security requirements to installations and maintainence. If you’re looking for a  professional, top-tier security system installation expert in Orlando—we are your go-to choice. 

Our state-of-the-art surveillance cameras feature a variety of capabilities that make them ideal to be installed in any type of construction site—small or large. Our cameras are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, and an IP-based security system allows construction managers and supervisors to monitor multiple locations simultaneously from one platform.

When it comes to the security of your construction site or business in Orlando, there’s no room for compromise. You will be assured that our surveillance systems are the most robust and reliable in Orlando that can keep your operations running smoothly without theft or disruption.

Customized Security Solutions in Orlando

At Wetter Solutions, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to security. We understand every business is unique and every construction site has different security needs. Our video security systems are built with this in mind allowing us to provide our clients with customized surveillance systems that meet their budget and security requirements. 

Our professional security installers at Wetter Solutions will work with you to design a custom security system that serves the uniqueness of your commercial or residential construction site. Our world-class security systems will ensure seamless operations and security of your construction site, machinery, building materials, and the safety of your construction workers and personnel around the clock.

Why Your Construction Business Needs a Video Security System

At Wetter Solution, we understand the challenges and complexities of providing construction security. Our mission and vision have always been to provide the best, most reliable security solutions for construction businesses in Orlando.  With our high-quality security systems, you can rest assured that the safety of your construction site is in safe hands. 

There are several benefits to installing a commercial security system, such as: 

  • Deterring theft and vandalism
  • Minimizing operational costs 
  • Monitoring operations remotely 
  • Enhancing construction site safety and security
  • Improving construction site personnel safety and security
  • Providing evidence for insurance claims or criminal prosecutions

Wetter Solutions Is A Pioneer In Construction Security System Installations

The mission of Wetter Solutions is simple. We want to provide the best and most reliable security systems in Orlando for your construction site. We offer the most reliable surveillance products and services at competitive prices. Furthermore, our team of certified experts will help you install and maintain your security systems. Our team of experts will strategically design, install and integrate construction site surveillance systems to safeguard your business from expensive criminal activities.

Works With Poor Or No Internet Connectivity

Wetter Solutions provides state-of-the-art hybrid-cloud-based security camera solutions that can function with no or poor internet connectivity. With these modern surveillance systems, clients can continuously monitor the activity in construction sites without any downtime or interruptions. 

Remote Management

Wetter Solutions provides users with remote security management systems for all construction site locations. This can be accessed on a mobile app or web browser, allowing construction site managers, engineers, and supervisors to view live and recorded videos, floor plans, maps, and other useful tools anywhere and anytime. 


Real-Time Video Sharing and Alerts

Wetter Solutions has always kept updated with the latest technology and advancements in security systems. Our surveillance cameras have leading smart analytics features that detect motion, abandoned objects, machinery, vehicles, and missing people. 

Additionally, our security cameras come with intelligent searching and identification features that allow them to identify, alert, and categories the faces of all individuals who enter your site with pinpoint accuracy. 

Wetter Solutions’ class-leading surveillance system’s live video sharing and alerts feature can send instant notifications to mobile devices or local law enforcement in case of an intrusion at your construction site. These smart features help keep your construction sites protected from potential threats.


Workforce Protection

Installing a high-quality security system from Wetter Solutions can enhance your construction site’s overall safety measures and promote a positive work environment for construction workers, engineers, inspectors, managers, supervisors, and more.  


Theft Prevention

A professional security system at the construction site can reduce the risk of theft, significantly reducing your losses. A high-quality surveillance system will impeccable monitoring capabilities will deter employees and potential thieves from stealing inventory, machinery, and cash from construction sites. 


Compliance Enforcement

A security system allows you to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.  Our surveillance systems can assist in meeting regulatory requirements for safety, risk management, performance, and governance. We ensure that your construction sites comply with all the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations to keep your operations safe and secure.

Why Choose Wetter Solutions?

Wetter Solutions is a pioneer in offering a comprehensive range of video security services to keep your construction site safe and secure. Being in the surveillance and security industry for years, we understand the importance of security for construction sites in Orlando. Our team always strives to provide reliable, cost-effective security solutions for our clients. 


Personalized Video Security Systems 

At Wetter Solutions, we understand the security requirements of every construction site vary. We work with our clients to devise a video surveillance plan that fulfills that construction site’s unique safety and security requirements. We will design a personalized video security system that covers all angles of the construction sites to ensure complete protection against theft and intrusion. In addition, our team with provide you with all the necessaries training and instructions to use the security system to its full potential. 


Professional Installation

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled; we can guarantee that your security system will be installed properly. We understand that it is not a good practice to interrupt your daily operations during the installation process, so we schedule the installation accordingly to ensure a seamless transition. Moreover, our surveillance equipment is made of the highest quality materials, lasting for years.


Reliable Technical Support 

Wetter Solutions is all about delivering exceptional customer support. Our team is available 24/7 for reliable technical support. Our customer service agents are working 24/7 to answer any questions you have about our video security systems. We will also help you if you need any technical issues with our surveillance equipment or other problems. 


Wetter Solutions also provides ongoing support to your security systems even after installation. Our expert team will also provide all assistance and support to ensure your system stays upgraded and well-maintained. 

If you’re a resident of Orlando and working in the construction industry, and searching for reliable video surveillance and security system installation services that provide customized surveillance products and services — contact Wetter Solutions today! 

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