Home security camera companies near Orlando

Home security camera companies near Orlando

Orlando is a diversely populated place, and recently Home security camera companies near Orlando are getting busier than usual. We discovered that Orlando has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country across all types of neighborhoods (both large and small). Breaking into affluent areas, property theft, non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and severe assault, including assault with a dangerous weapon, were among the violent offenses monitored.

Home security camera companies near Orlando: The insurgence of crime

According to a local law enforcement analysis of FBI recorded crime statistics, houses in more crime-prone areas have the possibility of one in 121 chance of becoming a victim of one of these crimes in Orlando. Considerably, crime data analysis reveals that Orlando has one of the highest murder rates in the country when compared to cities and towns for all population sizes, from the largest to the smallest. This is based on the number of murders reported by the FBI and the number of residents living in the city. So residents are increasingly on the web trying to source Home security camera companies near Orlando.

Additionally, the local government law enforcement discovered that a large portion of violent act in Orlando involves property crime. Burglary, larceny over $50, car theft, and vandalism are the property crimes monitored for this research. The probability of becoming a victim of a property crime in Orlando is one in 27 or 37 per 1,000 people. So you can see how important it is for people to be backed by proper Home security camera companies near Orlando.

Most importantly, our research of FBI crime statistics revealed that Orlando had one of the country’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft. These motor vehicles are stolen from unsupervised property places like the garage or the lawn. This is contrasted with communities of all sizes, starting with the smallest. A resident in Orlando has one in 265 risks of having their automobile stolen. At the same time to a lack of security alarms and other anti-burglary systems, the potential perpetrators get more encouraged to indulge in criminal activities and personal criminal vendetta. So the need for the best Home security camera companies near Orlando is now more than ever.

Let us explore some of the best Home security camera companies near Orlando.

HD cameras USA

HD cameras USA comes with their innovative technology to redefine home security systems. Property owners can keep an eye on everything at their home when they are not home, including when their children return from school, a nanny is watching them, and maybe even a caregiver is looking after an elderly parent. But the quintessential part is to keep an eye on what goes on while we are not around.

Also, there are outdoor cameras like dome cameras or waterproof 360 degrees that will prevent any potential robbery after a perpetrator realizes it and, at the same time, keep an eye on what’s occurring outside the house. Those can also be waterproof with night vision to see clearly. A few indoor cameras will see what’s happening inside the home, and those are typically installed in the hallways pointing at the main entrance of the house or inside the bedrooms.

The family members’ safety is of utmost importance. You need a security system for your house since Orlando has a higher than average violent crime rate. To ensure the safety of your precious family members and your family belongings from burglars and other violent crimes, security cameras might be helpful. To prevent your home from burning down, a fire prevention system is required. Installing security cameras in our homes is a common preference.

Burglaries are on the rise right now; therefore, everyone has to properly secure their belongings with the use of home security in Orlando. These protection measures were developed specifically to prevent thieves and criminals from achieving their goals. They are slick, angular, and well-equipped with the newest technical features to provide the highest level of security. The security systems in Orlando adhere to the following criteria, among others.

Home security camera companies near Orlando

List Of Surveillances You Can Install

  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Low light or infrared illumination for Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Hardwired Security Cameras

There are countless happy clients and consumers worldwide who are renowned for getting the greatest outcomes from the security equipment they are offering on our platform. The success rate is approximately 100%, and barely anyone has any active reservations about the services we are offering. One can get in touch with them and look through the recorded diary to confirm the type of folks they are dealing with constant assistance.

One step that puts them ahead of competitors is the 24/7 support system to guarantee that customers always have our help. This is a testimonial of how they are a prominent home security camera company near Orlando.

1 stop security

Full-service security provider 1 Stop Total Solutions LLC has locations in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida. One of the biggest Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealers in the US, 1 Stop Security, was founded in 2015 and is presently guarding over 80,000 homes and businesses. They are an Alarm System Contractor with Florida Certification: The license is EG13000534.

Over a million clients and their loved ones have been safeguarded by Brinks’ award-winning service since 1994. Accidents or break-ins can occur anytime, and a prompt reaction is crucial. If required, help may be sent immediately thanks to efficient home security and award-winning alarm monitoring from 1stop Security via Brinks Home Security. More than a million clients trust their safety because of this.

Services provided:

Smart Security System for Homes

Modern security alarms, surveillance systems, and smoke detectors are all installed by us. 24 hour monitoring is available from 1 Stop Security every day of the week. An armed mobile patrol will be sent to the house and the property in an emergency to look around. The incident will be reported to the fire department in the event of a fire.

Solutions for Commercial Security

They have a diverse offering of cameras and a broad range of solutions, including the combination of alarms, surveillance cameras, and password protection, to safeguard your clients, employees, and values.

Industrial and Corporate Security

Our security experts can help you minimize your risk and increase your productivity while saving you money. Call today for your free site survey.


With a FREE activation, benefit from the security of your new security system.
Patented technology offers the quickest alarm response we’ve ever had.
Maintain your security when you relocate with a fresh alarm system. Be tension free and leave the troubles of surveillance to us as always watching your precious property.

Nearly 60% of convicted burglars who responded to a poll claimed they think about cameras before choosing a home to steal.
Home security systems have been shown to prevent break-ins.
Call 806-307-1877 right away to get yours.

On your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can always view secure life and recorded video of your property thanks to them. The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) has awarded our Alarm Response Center it’s Five Diamond Qualification, indicating that all of our operators have attained certification and competency, making them a top contender to consider when it comes to home security camera companies near Orlando.

Security Pro

Situated in Central Florida, Security Pro of Florida LLC is a privately held surveillance system provider. Security Pro’s solutions give countless Florida households and businesses a sense of security. For any security camera or video surveillance system in the Orlando region, Security Pro of Florida is the finest option.
Their customer service experts are production plant trained and state-certified in order to provide you with precise service. Security Pro exclusively works with highly driven people that are enthusiastic about helping others. They desire customers’ happiness!

The following services are available from Security Pro of Florida for your residence, place of company, agency, retail establishment, banquet hall or motel, production plant, storage facility, celebration establishment, medical facility, assisted living facility, or parking garage.

  • Observation devices (surveillance cameras, video cameras, CCTV)
  • cellular cameras
  • high-resolution photography
  • cameras with thermal imaging or low light lighting
  • camera domes
  • cameras with pan and tilt
  • Expandable lenses
  • Weather-resistant cameras for use indoors or outdoors
  • Covert and hidden cameras
  • Cameras with anti-vandalism so that no harm can be done to them.
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • Digital and HD hi-def video recorder
  • Digital video recorder with several channels
  • Converters for quad- or multiple-image multiplex
  • Video monitors

According to statistics, we may lose up to $1,725 in a single burglary. Given that this is the average amount you will spend securing your property, if you are still wondering if it is worthwhile, the answer is absolutely! As long as the system pays for itself and gives you peace of mind, there is no reason not to use it, significantly because you can reduce the cost of your house insurance by showing the invoice to your insurance company.

Go through this article as we explore home security camera companies near Orlando; if you think you’re ready to install a home security camera system, we’ll help you pick the ideal model for your requirements.

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