License plate recognition camera

License plate recognition camera

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras are one kind of specialized equipment. These types of equipment could locate, photograph, and record the license plates of passing vehicles. Initially, people placed license plate recognition cameras to obtain the details from the license plate. You can use this camera in contrast to other CCTV security cameras for getting a better view of wide areas.
Police cannot track a vehicle’s number plate. Because these vehicles move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. So the problem arises when it is time to identify any specific vehicle. Where there is a problem, there is also a solution. And for solving the vehicle’s identifying problem, manufacturers modify the security camera to a license plate recognition camera. LPR camera saves precious time by detecting number plates. After recognizing the numbers from the plate, it automatically pulls the numbers into the database system. Then the database management system searches and filter the data. Completing all the processing, necessary steps can be taken immediately.

Where to use LPR cameras

As for the name license plate recognition camera, you already know about LPR cameras. LPR camera is used to catch footage both of moving vehicles and still vehicles. You can set up and install the camera anywhere you wish. Thus, there are some places that need these cameras.

  • Roadsides.
  • Alleyways.
  • Railway/ bus stations.
  • Entrance/ exit way of parking spaces.
  • Bridges.
  • Smart cities.
  • Ticketless parking lots.
  • Vast gates, and so on.

Fields to use LPR cameras 

License plate recognition helps us in many ways. The information gleaned from motorists’ license plates through the process of License Plate Recognition. The number plate footage is used in multiple ways. This helps companies as well as governments to become smarter. It enhances the possibility to generate more effective policies. All these things enrich better customer service.

How an LPR camera works

A normal working procedure of an LPR camera is like below:

  • The first and foremost duty is to place the license plate recognition camera in the right place. After placing it, then it’s time to set and install the camera at an optimal height. To get a better view, place the camera not less than 2 meters and not more than 6 meters from the base. These measure 6-18 feet if you convert them from meters to feet. The accurate height depends on the distance of your targeted point. Remember to keep the angle between the floor and the number plate between 30 degrees. 
  • The next aspect of the captured footage depends on the zoom capabilities of the camera. The lens has the ability to zoom from 8 millimeters all the way up to 32 millimeters. So, choosing the perfect length will not turn you into trouble.  No matter how you decide to set the camera. You should make sure that the range of view is as constrained as possible around the roadblock. 
  • After placing your camera outside at the appropriate height and position, focus it on a particular roadside. Then it is proper time to go inside and start recording with your camera. Adjust your camera setting to capture the images or videos from the resolution you want.
  • By finishing the setup of your camera, you may immediately start to capture the license plate numbers that you see. For storing, you have two options to store the numbers at your disposal. You can begin by connecting this camera to your NVR system. It would help you to save the footage on a hard drive. Like other DVR security cameras, you may also use a DVR system. The second option is that you have the ability to utilize a Micro SD card. SD card including the capacity of up to 128 gigabytes either independently or as a backup.
License plate recognition cameras

LPR cameras working dependability

The license plate recognition camera works depending on some aspects. These are:

  • Color: Normally, a license plate recognition camera picks up a suspicious car or a customer. Customers need to contact whereas the level of detail is also important. Because of this, most license plate security cameras record and stream video in full-colored mode to the recorder or remotely. Full-color night vision remains in use rarely. Some good quality cameras don’t have it but, still have great quality in black and white.
  • Speed matter: In the past, license plate cameras have the capability to do so much when at the time of taking pictures. Even pictures of moving cars were included. But the high speed of a vehicle makes it hard or impossible for LPR technology to recognize it. This is much less of a problem with the latest products. Modern cameras with LPR are capable often to catch vehicles going at higher speeds. Companies with brands and others have made products that can catch vehicles going about even 60 miles per hour. So this is an amazing feature of modern license plate cameras.
  • Distance range: The ability of license plate recognition cameras and their standard analogs to recognize license plates is greater. Even the long distance doesn’t hamper it. Compared to past LPR cameras, the new model includes a more amazing feature that can monitor speedy vehicles as well. The current generation of LPR technology is capable of covering a large area. Particularly, the new model of this camera has an extra zooming capability that enriches this camera a lot. When it comes to the task of keeping track of customers and clients, the LPR cameras can deliver outstanding results.
  • Exact outcome: The majority of the time, security cameras receive calls from customers. Customers have concerns about their system that may provide an erroneous evaluation or trigger a false alarm. But the modern license plate camera has come up with a valid solution for solving this problem. They observe each car that comes into view and track its position. Besides these, they capture the image so nicely. That’s why, when it is time to convert the number from the license plate, they provide an accurate number. So the accuracy of detecting numbers reduces the trouble from society.

All these facts push people for installing security cameras with license plate recognition.

Things needed to install a license plate recognition camera

It is necessary to install the camera in the proper way in order to attain the highest possible level of quality in license plate recognition. The proper installation of the camera will enable you to obtain a picture of high quality and will produce the most accurate results when attempting to recognize license plates.

When you install the camera, you need to take into consideration a variety of criteria, including the size of the license plate in the frame, the lighting, and other considerations such as the camera’s vertical and horizontal view angles. When it comes to installing a camera that can read license plates, the following section will walk you through the most important considerations you need to take into account.

To install a license plate recognition camera, first, you will need to gather the necessary materials. You will need an access point, a computer with an internet connection, and the correct software. You will also need a license plate, a vehicle, and some clear plastic baggies. 

Access Point: You will require an access point in order to connect your computer to the camera. This can be anything from a wireless router, to a nearby street light.

Computer: Your computer will need to have internet access in order to install and use the software.

Software: Software requires for this CCTV camera installation. People know it as LPR Camera Viewer. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website or from various online stores such as Amazon.

License Plate: You will need a license plate in order to connect your camera to your computer. Make sure that the license plate is of legal size. For example, not too small nor too large.

Vehicle: In order for your camera to work properly, you will need a vehicle that can be parked in front of the camera’s field of view. You can either borrow someone else’s vehicle or purchase one specifically for this installation of security cameras.

Baggies: Clear plastic bags are necessary in order to store captured images of license plates. But the software process the work very easily and within a very short time period.


You may have an interest in incorporating license plate recognition technology into your existing surveillance system. In this case, you should purchase a license plate recognition camera. There are so many popular models of this type of CCTV camera system. You may spend a little bit of money on this fantastic camera because it comes with a lot of fantastic features. And the features make it really stand out. 

Instead of using a Micro SD card, it is better to use an NVR. A recorder can save both still image footage as well as video footage. But the interesting thing is that the camera capture all the footage as still pictures. Compared to an SD card, NVR has the ability to store significantly more data on the device’s internal hard drive.

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