PTZ camera auto track

PTZ camera auto track

The system PTZ camera auto-track has some special features according to a security camera. The camera made in a network-based pan tilt zoom supported security device is known as a PTZ camera. Pan tilt zoom or PTZ cameras use special mechanical pieces in order to add new features. This CCTV security camera has added excellent functionalities that might protect both property and the camera itself. Updated PTZ camera not only enriches the safeguard system but also can perform professional shooting. A professional PTZ camera can move its head as per need. A remote can control multiple PTZ cameras at the same time. Many renowned brands sell those CCTV cameras for homes. These cameras can work as professional outdoor security cameras also. PTZ cameras don’t need an extra camera installer. But if there is any need for a camera installer then you may get it easily.

Auto tracking set on PTZ camera

After setting auto tracking on the PTZ camera, it enables the PTZ camera auto track or smart track function. Auto tracking orders the PTZ camera to follow the suspected item as long as it is visible to the camera.
For auto-tracking, the PTZ camera should have a preset view with some specific rules. Using this preset mood, the PTZ camera starts to track its target. The configuration process of auto tracking camera is flexible. It just needs a web browser to complete the configuration. Here is a guideline you may follow to preset auto-tracking:
First of all, you need to get access to the camera’s websites. There you will find pre-scheduled tutorials that can help you a lot. Each camera has an IP address. Enter the IP address into the browser. Unlike other DVR security cameras, if the PTZ camera has an NVR connection then you can use a web interface related to NVR. Then use the login button to enter manually.
Use preset facilities to make a preset feature. After saving a preset mood, you can even fix a place from where you want to get auto-tracking. For the preset mood, you have to enable an IVS setup.
Once you preset all, set alarm for alarm-track. Completing all setups, click on apply or save button to have the facilities of auto-tracking through the PTZ camera.

PTZ camera’s moving system

PTZ camera auto-track system is able to control its motion in a high range of surveilling areas. Here auto tracking in the PTZ camera is one of the new features based on video analysis technology. Auto tracking converts a normal PTZ camera into an extra pro version where the camera can detect any moving objects automatically. It makes video surveillance active detecting, recording, and storing any object’s motion. Objects mean not only humans but also vehicles as well as other properties too.
PTZ camera has a built-in rotation mechanism that’s why it can cover a wide range of areas. PTZ camera has the ability to rotate, tilt, and zoom any view which makes this CCTV camera system more reliable. The PTZ cameras can be mounted far above the field from where they can rotate even at a 360-degree angle. Such type of placing PTZ cameras keeps the cameras away from the evil touch of anyone.

Main features of a PTZ camera

Some extraordinary property makes the PTZ camera auto-track exceptional. Before buying residential security cameras, look over the main features of the PTZ cameras.

  • CCD sensor generates image quality: Video surveillance of an area depends on how the camera function to run work. But the camera works better when the color reproduction becomes perfect. And a good quality sensor with a perfect size is responsible for better color reproduction. Most PTZ camera uses a CCD sensor. These PTZ cameras capture quality videos even in low-light situations. In most terms, conference rooms need such type of CCTV installation.

Surveilling a wide area cannot originate a clear image, good quality sensor is mostly responsible for capturing a good image.

  • Position setting: PTZ camera has numerous presets. The preset number may vary from five to hundred. The more preset positions enable the camera to function more fluently. 
  • Rotating range: Before installing security cameras with PTZ you need to know about the range of rotation of these cameras. A wide range of tilt or rotation angles with high speed can make a PTZ camera more efficient.
  • Installation flexibility: PTZ camera has proper installation flexibility. These types of security camera installations are possible to place anywhere such as walls, ceilings, computers, and so on. As PTZ cameras cover a high range of areas, only one camera eliminates the need of using many cameras at the same time. That’s why the installation process becomes much better and faster. Besides this, installing only one PTZ camera reduces the cost spent to install and buy a camera.
  • Control function: After completing a security camera setup, you have to have a precise way to handle it. You can control the PTZ camera with IR remotes as well as other controllers. 
  • Mechanism of PTZ camera: Before buying a PTZ camera, look over its mechanism and functionalities of it. Check if the camera has competent pan, tilt, and zoom options.
  • Alarming option: Most PTZ camera has alarming functions. The alarm of a camera works when the view of surveilling area remains changed. An alarming option starts to work for detecting intrusion, line crossing at railway stations as well as other motion detections. Besides these, it shows its functionalities at the time of dynamic analysis, IP address conflict, and storage capacity problems. If the network disconnects from it, the alarm starts to ring. The alarm also detects if there is any audio imbalance as well as weather incompatibility.

Temperature resistance: Normally, you can set the PTZ camera anywhere. But it is better to place the camera mounted high above the ground. This camera works better both in cold and hot temperatures.

PTZ camera auto tracks

Places where PTZ camera is in need

As the PTZ camera auto-track system functions at a 360-degree angle, there is no need to use more than one camera. So most people prefer this camera for home security camera installation. PTZ cameras can also be used as outdoor security cameras. Besides using it for home security and outdoor security services, there are numerous fields to use PTZ cameras. These are:

  • Garages
  • Conference rooms
  • Rooftops
  • Driveways
  • Alleyways
  • Parking areas
  • Busy roads
  • Large stations such as bus and railway stations
  • The huge area like the airport
  • Construction sites

For giving standard security service, there is no camera to beat the PTZ camera. Because it can tilt up and down as well as flip left and right. Zoom-in and zoom-out options are the other facilities that other cameras also provide.

Software for auto tracking on PTZ camera

It is now possible to do everything in this world whereas software-controlled auto-tracking PTZ is one of them. You can track anyone’s audio and video automatically by using software installed on the device. There is some specialized software that can help to complete the steps easily. To install a security camera with auto-tracking software, you need to do something. For audio tracking, use microphone array beams with the help of a separate speaker in another room. Pan, tilt and zoom functions can be selected o the basis of preset mood. Here almost all the tracking systems from all the software are almost the same. If you want to get proper directions to use the software, you can get help from the direction sheet provided with the device. You will also find random videos or tutorials on the online media platform.

Benefits of using PTZ camera

It is possible to cover a huge area of surveillance using a single PTZ camera auto-tracking system. There are some viewable benefits given below. Consider the given points before completing the process of installing security cameras.

  • This is a motion-based auto-tracking system. It is possible to preset mood for adjusting auto tracking with the field of view. 
  • PTZ camera can be controlled using a remote. Tracking the special activities of a criminal was not easy before inventing the auto-tracking camera. Because nowadays this type of PTZ camera allows the user to change the camera position according to the field of view.
  • You can set up a time for capturing videos from numerous fields of view. 
  • There is also a special term named zoom in and zoom out. Using this zooming option you will be able to observe suspicious activities from far away from the camera. So there is the flexibility of placing the camera anywhere.


Enterprises as well as city dwellers prefer PTZ camera auto track to monitor greater views of their premises. As all the PTZ cameras do not have auto tracking function, it is a must to put a preset view. But make sure to put an exact preset to get targeted items full tracking. Besides others, people are now in need of a large amount of bandwidth that is needed to transfer data with PTZ camera auto-tracking. In the future, the demand for high bandwidth will be a challenge in the PTZ camera shop. So consider the above things before having an auto-tracking camera.

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