Where to Install Home Security Cameras: Security Expert Suggested 8 Best Places

Where To Install Home Security Cameras Security

Considering your privacy, many won’t agree to install security cameras in their home. But what happens when you are outside of your home?

— Although residential areas might be much safer than commercial areas, they deserve adequate security. Nevertheless, you can’t leave any stone unturned when it’s about the security of your own residence.

Today, a lot of smart and advanced security cameras are available in the market. These CCTV cameras are much easier to install compared to the lame and old ones. And when you are a handy homeowner, it will be a piece of cake.

You just need to decide where to place security cameras. But, you may be confused about this. In the end, it won’t be of any use when you have the technical knowledge, but you can’t find the best place to install a home security camera.

So, do you need professional help to install a home security camera?

— No, you don’t. Because this article will instruct you in every way possible giving ideas about the best placement for security cameras, and places where installing CCTV cameras is not beneficial.

But, before you start…..

Do you need to install security cameras?

Yes, yes, we understand that you are confident enough that nothing can go wrong in your house. That might be true when you are living 24/7 in your house. But,

Can you live inside your house all the time?

We and you both understand that’s not possible. You have to go outside of your home at some time. You may also have to stay away from your home for a while.

And when you are the only person living inside your home, it’s obvious that you have to leave your home at least once in a day for various reasons.

 —So, what will happen when you are not around your home? Criminal activities like burglary, trespassing, or housebreaking can happen at any time.

Let’s take a look at this bar chart according to the Tucson Police Department, which shows a year-to-date comparison report of criminal incidents between the years 2020 and 2021.

TPD year to date comparison report

If you have seen this, we leave it up to you to decide whether it is important to install a home security camera or not.

Where to install home security cameras?

We are  exploring expert suggested 8 Best places of Install home security Cameras:

1.At the Front Door (Exterior):

Do you know –

34% of robbers use the front door to get inside a home

Robbers or burglars are not dumb. In fact, they might be smarter than you think. They will use the front door to get inside your house while you are looking at the back or side doorways.

You can always monitor who comes in or out of your house if you place a security camera at the front door.

A wise decision would be to install a video doorbell at the front door. You can connect it with your front door security camera for better results. It will start alarming when there is something wrong.

In fact, it can also act as the primary camera or it can be conducted with other surveillance devices.

2.In the Garage or Driveway (Exterior):

Garage or driveway is considered as one of the weakest points to enter a home. These are preferable places to strike for package thieves. And your precious daily driven car remains in the garage. You don’t want to be a victim of car theft.

According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), here is the statistics of the most stolen vehicles in 2019 –

NICB statistics of the most stolen vehicles

Aside from a vehicle, useful things like bikes, grills, tools, sports equipment can also get stolen. Installing a security camera In the garage or driveway is the best solution.

3. Somewhere Near the Yard (Exterior):

This is one of the most vital places to install a CCTV camera. When there is a security camera near the yard, you get the best view to monitor everyone around your house.

Anyone who wishes to scope out outside of your house, won’t be missed if you have a security camera near the yard.

A front yard security camera can also capture any unusual activities that may occur by animals, trespassers, or children.

4. At the Back Door (Exterior):

Don’t just keep an eye out at the back or side door of your house, rather install a camera. Back or side doors don’t always remain at your sight. So, you can never be too sure who enters or exits through the back or side door. According to a report

Almost ¼ of total break-ins occur through back doors

So, place a home security camera either at the back door or side door. When you already have a camera installed at the front door, then use it as a secondary camera. Otherwise, use it as the primary camera specifically when the back door seems to be persuaded or accessible to a potential intruder.

5. On the Second Floor (Interior):

The second floor is the place for keeping money or any precious items like jewelry, especially when you live inside a two-storied apartment or building. Keep the second floor protected with an indoor camera.

Although we don’t suggest placing security cameras in your bedroom or bathroom for privacy issues, it is better to place one in the second-floor hallway or any convenient place.

6. At the Main Stairway (Interior):

Installing a home security camera at the main stairway is important when you are concerned about your home’s security and when you are living inside a multistoried building.

A camera at the main stairway will capture the movement of someone who has broken into your house through an unmonitored area like a bedroom or bathroom.

If you have already installed a security camera at the main stairway, then you truly are a genius because you have probably figured that no one will go undetected when you have a CCTV camera at the main stairway.

In order to access the second floor, an intruder or a person has to go through the main stairway

7. At Obvious Areas (Interior):

Keep a home security camera in the common areas where people usually gather around. Install home security cameras in places like the drawing-room, living room, kitchen, or any place with large windows.

But, why install security cameras in places like these?

Perhaps, these scenarios may help you to understand the importance –

  • First, it will help you to see if anyone tries to break into your house by using any of these places.
  • Second, you can monitor the activities of your cook, repairmen, cleaners, and households.
  • Third, placing a camera inside a baby’s room will help you to keep an eye out for your baby and see what the babysitter is actually doing.

8. In the Basement (Interior):

People don’t usually install security cameras in their basements. And that creates a security hole for your residence.

Robbers or thieves will try to take advantage of your basement to break into your house. There is no harm in installing a CCTV camera inside your basement.

Along with a security camera, add other surveillance devices to enhance the overall security of your home. Get the best security cameras and devices installed in your basement with professional services like Orlando Security Camera Installation Services.

Although it is less important to install a security camera in your basement, it will be worthwhile if you keep valuables in there

Final Words:

These steps should give you peace of mind in regards to home security issues if you have properly placed home security cameras at the places that we have suggested in this article. And now you also have some ideas where it is useless to install security cameras.

However, there are some jurisdictions for installing security cameras at your home. — So, you can’t install security cameras at those places even if you want. Professionals like Orlando Security Camera Installation Services can help you to install security cameras at the perfect places for continuous and precise monetization.

Leave a comment below if you have any queries. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and we are always glad to help you.

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