How to Install Security Cameras in a Two-Story House

How How Install Security Cameras in a Two-Story House

A clutter-free security camera installation poses some inevitable challenges. It is equally true for a two-story building when you are setting up a hidden camera with a professional touch. You must put out the mess and introduce utmost efficiency together with creativity.

In this regard, property attributes, budgetary concerns, and home automation run side by side. Whether you are considering outdoors or all indoor protection perimeter is another facade of the surveillance camera positioning. So, let’s dive straight into how to install security cameras in a two-story building. Orlando Camera Installation offers invaluable insights for you along with all on-field assistance.

How to install surveillance cameras on a two-story building?

If you use wireless security systems, you are mostly out of trouble. But the wires of the cable-based cameras demand a little innovative and tricky approach. Our specialists prefer the attic to address this issue. On a side note, two-storied houses require more cameras than single-floor ones.

If the closets are located right on top of each other, your job is about half done. Now, drill down the ceiling from the attic of the top floor. To manage the cabling, pick a non-noticeable spot for the piercing of the floor. 

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Thus when you bring down the wires to the ground floor, they remain out of sight with negligible effort. Use as many J-Hooks and tie wraps as you need to secure the cables in and around the corners. Do not just hang the wires or leave them haphazardly down the floor. The J-Hooks are great for uplifting the cables off the ground and directing them along the designated paths.

Wire mold cable management kits conceal messy cords and cables beyond recognition. These tools help you organize the whole thing in an outstanding way. Those gears have a host of sleek designs and immaculate blends to hide the wiring in plain sight. You may also use them for TV cords, HDMI, lamps, and extension cords.

You can fish the cables into the walls as well. However, it requires special tools and further strains the economic burden.

In case you are coming down the outside wall, the attic turns out to be the best choice. Punch all the cables in one spot across the outside wall. It dials down visual irritation to a great length. Then camouflage it with blending wire molds.

What are the basic factors for a video camera installation?

Stay with us as we are going to run down a few essentials before elaborating on specifics. These are pretty simple tasks, offering stunning privileges along the way.

Expert Note: Where To Install Home Security Cameras

High camera positioning: Regardless of the property type, lodge the cameras in a higher place. It renders a great view from afar. You can easily identify the threat and still enjoy a little preparation period to handle it in accordance. Hereby, one top camera effectively suffices multiple low-placed cameras. 

Settle for a spot at the top of the building and use a wide-angle view. This technique permits 360-degree surveillance of all entry points, using a bare minimum number of cameras.

Camera placement: A two-story house comes with plenty of space. You have to choose from the front, back, and side doors. Besides, there are a garage, driveway, and common areas to reckon with. 

Statistics show that only 34% of burglars prefer the front door. So, no sane homeowner ignores the other sensitive locations especially the back door. A 360-degree view brings in a bunch of valuable information concerning the entrance and exit all through the day. 

Moreover, the garage stockpiles your vehicles and gadgets. You need a perfect leeway there too. Cameras on the driveway gates could give you a glimpse into future raids and thieves. Protection cameras respectively in the kitchen, living room, and lawn drive in compelling evidence to the criminal activities.

Room settings: To cover the rooms, plant the vigilance cameras up on the ceiling or on the walls. In a room environment, the outright best camera locations are always hiding in the corners. 

Two tactically opposing cameras provide a full view of the room. Also, clever people opt for 360-degree cameras in the center of the chamber to capture a complete vision.

Guard the stairs: Smack one electronic eye down the stairs. Forced break-ins almost always involve the stairs. So, wise security experts show special interest in the staircases. 

No sooner does the threat reach the stairs, you should receive alarms and warnings. Thus you and your family members can locate the incoming danger before it hits you in the bedroom out of the blue.

Check on the vigilance gadgets: Faulty equipment trades off your peace of mind. So a proper installation requires you to inspect the tools. Functioning hidden cameras and wires allow great video footage. Evaluate the real-time video footage before positioning them permanently over there.

Also, a dry run would expose any weakness in the Wi-Fi signal or monitoring difficulties, emanating from ground obstacles. A nearby magnetic or electronic object might interfere with the video feed. You can detect the concerns this way and tackle them accordingly.

Maintenance: This is rather a vital task. Otherwise, poor feed derives no positive outcome at all. The camera screen becomes blurred, thanks to the dust and debris collected over time. Clean the lenses and screens with appropriate gels and instruments. Occasional scrubs and swipes bring back the old vigorous view of the surroundings.

No-camera zones: More surveillance cameras do not automatically speak to your peace of mind. Bedrooms and bathrooms are surely off-limits. Baby monitors are charming and safer options for the kids.

Your prying eyes should not reach the lawn or backyard of the neighbors as well. It could water down the relationships. Such a camera installation of course goes against civility as well as their privacy. You might even run into legal issues with this impolite act.


The security of a two-story house has its own set of challenges. But it should not become an uphill battle for you anyway as Orlando Camera Installation presents you with the brightest surveillance minds in the industry. We guarantee you a genuine feeling of safety.

We strategically position the security cameras to obtain top-notch protection. Most importantly, we customize the security solutions to tailor-fit your specific home. Thereby, you leverage the greatest coverage that helps you feel what you need.

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