Ways Security Systems Can Save You Money

Security Systems

— Out of 127.59 million households in the United States, only 36 million have home security systems.

For commercial properties and private spaces, the best security systems save you hefty bucks. Obviously, elite surveillance outfits guarantee superior protection from theft and vandalism. In multiple ways, home security devices alert the property owner on burglary attempts.

5 Best security system that can save your money

Now, Orlando Camera Installation surveillance experts present you top 5 ways security systems can save you money.

Lowered insurance premiums

A comprehensive security monitoring installation heavily reduces the insurance rates and premiums on your property. Cutting-edge video monitoring is a surefire home safety provider while lowering your policy cost. Some companies might offer 15%-20% deducted premiums with advanced devices.

— Auto, homeowners, and commercial insurance net premiums totaled $652.8 billion in 2020.

If your home includes multiple security features like smart locks, burglar alarms, fire & flood protection, or a video system, you save from 2–10% on premiums. Insurers offer a larger discount if you have several protective tools. They also appreciate 24/7 professional monitoring.

As dictated by certain carriers like Chubb, AIG, and Travelers, any home insured for more than $1 million may require you to install professionally-monitored security systems.

However, there is a downside to a surveillance setup too. This is a great investment for your home protection. It could be a costly choice if you seek cheaper homeowners insurance. Consult your insurance provider ahead of time to understand what qualifies you for the discount.

Fewer security guards

Commercial, industrial, and residential properties drain a lot of assets on security staff, in terms of money and privileges. Imagine a retail store full of security personnel on all aisles. It is a bad idea, ain’t it?

— Stats show that security guards are paid an average annual salary of $29,525.

Besides, insurance companies are prejudiced against your deploying security hands on the frontline. They may be busy catching a small-time burglar while greater damage is taking place elsewhere. The bigger one goes completely unnoticed due to the decoy.

Sentries are good for banks. But they are not as adept in an industrial or business setting. Besides, their mistakes result in claims and lawsuits. So, the smartest businessmen of today recruit only a handful of them. Instead, you could use a sophisticated video surveillance setup.

Streamlined efficiency

— Burglaries caused stores and offices an average value of 9,779 U.S. dollars.

Optimum efficiency essentially emanates from groundbreaking security systems. Your retail store can downsize shrinkage and shoplifting. Besides, cash registers go neat and clean. The storerooms hold valuable merchandise that needs excellent monitoring.

A manufacturing plant can detect the unproductive workforce and work hours. So, you can lay off the irresponsible workers. Hence, industrial output hits a new threshold. Industries are often subject to harmful gas leaks and dangerous liquid spills. You can prevent these issues.

Moreover, construction sites are vulnerable to crimes and theft. Your valuable construction materials end up in the wrong hands. A competent alarm, detection, and surveillance framework dispels all your worries.

Slimmer utility bills

— Commercial buildings spend $1.44 per square foot per year on electricity and $0.30 on natural gas.

So, it is time for a surprise with lowered utility bills. Smart home automation trims down this amount. Install a water sensor. The light should automatically turn off in absence of humans. Prevent explosions with temperature detectors as they inform you of looming dangers to your infrastructure. A single-device control saves you from unnecessary utility bills throughout the years.

Slow down wear & tear

You can avoid misuse of home and office appliances. It dials down depreciation. It is a bigger concern for commercial and industrial entities. Keep a 24/7 tab on small as well as large machinery. With timely actions, you can thwart rust, negligence from weathering your assets. Equipment lasts longer, thanks to preemptive maintenance. Thus you save a tidy sum.


Smart home devices keep you safe while retaining big bucks over time. A state-of-the-art home security system offers you peace of mind. With Orlando Camera Installation, you get the best surveillance deal all the way. We are your security guy, be it a new CCTV system or outdoor security cameras. We provide expert monitoring services in Orlando to a wide range of private and commercial clients.

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